20th October - 15th December 2006

twonotten Digital Arts Festival
Southampton, UK

Friday 20th October saw the launch of the new eight-week long digital arts festival, twonotten based in Southampton. twonotten is the first digital arts festival in the South of England and showcases local, national and international artists who work with digital technology. The festival will run from 20 October to 15 December 2006.

The twonotten Digital Arts Festival gives you a chance to see how contemporary artists use new technologies to inspire and create exciting visual arts and performance.  Work on show includes: video / installation / print / virtual sculpture / interactive / illustration / animation / electronic audio / computer based music.

The Bargate Monument Gallery, in central Southampton, is the hub of the festival and hosts an exhibition of interactive, screen and print based work, with other festival events taking place in fringe venues around the city.

Festival events include a digital animation screening at Hanger Farm Arts Centre, Nu Wave digital animation sketchbook at Apartment 26 and digital music events at the Orange Rooms and the Rhino Club.

Contact details

Information List

Email to receive news about the festival.


This year's festival has now ended. Stay tuned to this site for details of next year's festival and exhibition.

Visitor Quote

"Some of the best produced and conceived multimedia, visual, interactive and sound art I have seen and heard. Beautifully curated.  This exhibition is a true gem in the heart of Southampton - Brilliant."

Kevin Harper

Submission of proposals

twonotten thank all the artists who submitted work for inclusion into the festival. Submission closed on the 1st September. Stay tuned to the website for details of next years festival.

Exhibition Opening

The festival opened with the private view at the Bargate Monument Gallery. Below are some images of the event, attended by participating artists and guests.






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digital arts festival
october 20th - december 15th 2006
southampton, uk

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