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20th October - 15th December 2006

Friday 20 October—15 December

The main exhibition, hosted at the Bargate Monument Gallery will last for eight weeks and features digital artworks from a number of artists from the UK and Internationally. Some of the artists and works featured in the exhibition are shown on this page.

The Bargate is the main landmark of the city of Southampton. It is located at the top of the high street, right in the middle of the main shopping precinct.

Kenneth A Huff - Contemplations: 2005.2

Today’s frenetic, rapid-cut popular media serves as foil to the intent of Contemplations, a series of animated works exploring patterns and forms inspired by the intricate complexities and rhythms of nature. This work from the series, 2005.2, shows slowly-evolving solid and transparent forms. With no set beginning or end, the work allows the viewer to become lost in the complex, organically-shifting details and provides an engaging, calming point of contemplation.


Julian Konczak - 25-URBAN

The work is a slice of urban archeology - it moves through visual representations of the city and its tendency to continually renew itself. Regeneration, peeling paint, marginal areas, zones ear-marked for demolition all form part of this global urban tapestry. We are given a continual vision of a pockmarked rubble, harsh strong colours that have over-spilled from graffiti remind us how the urban zone is both subject to the forces of nature and the appropriation of spaces by sub-cultures.

James Roper - Anime Abstracts

The compositions in the 'Anime Abstracts' series are constructed using cut-outs sourced from Manga and Anime that are then reassembled to form a body built from a swarming mass of parts that either stretches across a monochrome void or engulfs the picture completely.


Jeremy Gardiner - Purbeck Light Years

Purbeck Light Years is a three dimensional temporal arena which evokes a calm, receptive state of mind. A mixture of both old and new, hybrid techniques that combine characteristics of painting and drawing, computer animation and immersive VR. Inside this virtual space is re-imagined a whole world, a topographical landscape modelled in three dimensions, silent and secret, a place of accumulated history.


Simon Whetham - Dark Light Audio Tracks

'Dark Light Audio Tracks' is an audio work, composed using field recordings, which began life as a soundtrack to visual work as part of a project called ‘A Dark Light’. This body of work comprises paintings and photography from, and informed by, a trip to Iceland in the winter of 2005.


Richard Vickers - 15 x 15

15 x 15 uses Andy Warhol's famous statement 'in the future, everyone will be famous for five minutes', and advances it into the 21st century with new media technology. Anyone can contribute to the work with a mobile phone and be famous, for 15 seconds.


Karen Reed - Integrity versus Despair

Integrity versus Despair is a mobile phone film, that deals with how ubiquitous technology really influences our lives. The cultural changes that have occurred particularly with regard to what is private vs. public. The film involves the artist’s parents and family all trying to bridge the generation gap with regard to using this ubiquitous technology.


Elisabeth Clark - Project 24/25

What if time was slowed down? What if a fraction of a second was gained every second? What if our daily cycle consisted of 25 rather than 24 hours?

Project 24/25 questions our notion of time and the speed at which it travels. The “performance” (sound piece) records the second-hand beat of a clock, in the artist's conceptualised “25 hour day”.

Anthony Head - Metamorphosis 2

Metamorphosis 2 is an interactive kinetic virtual sculpture. The audience can explore the shape, physicality and form of this mathematically created object. The sculpture constantly evolves into different shapes and reacts to the viewer's prodding via a touchscreen.

Can this flesh-like virtual object really being 'touched'?


Geska Helena Andersson & Robert Brecevic - Kids on the Slide

Children. You never know where they are. And when they appear, they always seem to be out of context. ‘Kids on the Slide’ is a responsive film installation that tells the little tales of kids that “come out and play” in urban settings that have rarely been depicted as playgrounds.  

Working with large screens, cameras and sensors ‘Kids on the Slide’ centres around movement and reflection. It challenges the notion of ‘the performer’: who is conjuring who?

Warren Garland - Inside Reality

Based on an idea, by the social theorist, Jean Baudrillard, that identities were previously formed through an interaction between the subject, a private sphere, and the object, a public sphere, Garland’s work relies on our constructing a sense of self from the realities of the outside world, today projected into our private space via electronic media.

This confusion of public and private space forms a foundation for this piece, a documentation of a series of films created from an accumulation of footage of various rooms in Garland’s house.